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Find seeds, place pits and grow your roses. Over 40 breeding combinations to discover new roses in this poetic flower game. All the roses are named after famous women, paying a small tribute to their lives and achievements.



*This is the older version of Rosa's Garden. The game at festivals is not the same as this build.*

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorCharlotte Madelon
Tags3D, artgame, Casual, Colorful, Gardening, nature, Nonlinear, Non violent, Relaxing, Unity


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Incredible relexing!


Unable to install after purchasing in world land trust bundle


Unable to install the game on Itch, it gets a ton of errors. Any advice?


The download seems to be empty, there's no file.

A lovely soothing game, I enjoyed it a lot!

Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago
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Oh, it took me quite some time to find out how to plant these.
I love it!
Some years ago, I was thinking about a rose-game myself... I experimented with it, as well. I think I might still have some quests and or additional 2D-art... If you are interested and want to expand your game, I can dig these out.

Good choise to name the roses after famous women... I did some research about rose-names back then - and it turned out that most of today's roses have trademarked names, and the companies "owning" these names will be very agressive about them D-:

Please continue making nice algorithmic games like this - you did a great job!

Thanks for your comment! Currently I am working on better UI and some gameplay tweaks, there is definitely room for improvement. Glad you enjoyed it!


I am looking forward to it :-)
Your answer did not say if you would like that stuff... So I put it here:
(I would have put it in a private notice... but I think this place does not have private messages... so if anybody else would like to use it: feel free to, but let me know if you want publish :-) )
I fear the game-design notes are in German - but I guess you already have enough ideas for GameDesign and do not need mine :-)
The people are NPCs to give quests and one with a movable arm to explain the interface I planned :-D
(My original concept was a lot about cross-breeding roses - this bit is a different :-) )
Have fun!

Thanks for a lovely little garden from an algorithmic botany enthusiast.
I love the 'Farah Pahlavi' rose. ; )

lovely <3